Take a Peek at our New Calendar!

Posted on August 28, 2014 / Published by / With 4 Comments

We’ve implemented a brand new calendar into the Jollor platform! As with all of our features, we made sure that the calendar is full-featured, sleekly designed, and easy to use.

Let’s take a look at how it works:

  1. Under the Outbox section located in the right-hand column of the dashboard, you will find a new tab called Calendar.

  2. First, you must create a Facebook post or a tweet in the Outbox. You then have the option to publish the post, schedule it, send it for approval or save it as a draft.

  3. Once you have completed this first step, the post will be moved into the calendar. You will find dark and light blue dots (for Facebook and Twitter, respectively) indicating the type of posts to be published, scheduled, or sent for approval on given dates.

    calendar (1)

  4. You can then click on the date you wish to post on. The calendar will open to a weekly view where you can see each post that has been published, those that are scheduled to be published and those that still need to be approved.

    calendar_weekly view

  5. If you click on posts that are scheduled or set for approval, you can edit the post’s scheduled time and content.

  6. If you decide to save a post as a draft, it will be placed in the draft section on the platform. To open this section, you must click on the semi-circular tab in the top right-hand corner of the Calendar section in the Outbox.


  7. A draft column will slide open on the right-hand side of your dashboard that will contain all of the draft posts you and your team have created. You can edit those posts, delete them, or drag and drop them into the date you want them to get published.


  8. Want to hit a few rounds of golf? Go ahead and get on the green, knowing that we’ve got you covered.