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Jollor’s Choice: The Best Social Media Halloween Campaigns

Posted on October 29, 2014 / Published by / Leave your thoughts

Halloween is the time to have dress ridiculously, gorge yourself on treats, get scared, and frankly… just have fun. Brands have also decided to bring some Halloween fun into their digital campaigns, creating wonderfully spooky content over social media. We went through and chose the most frightfully amusing ones.

Let your pets join in on the fun!

Why leave your pets stuck at home when you can take them to experience the magic of trick-or-treating. The BarkShop shares their offer for a FREE Fruitables Share Pack this year on Facebook. You do have to cover the shipping costs. But who can resist a dog in a pumpkin suit?

Feed your sweet tooth

Halloween decorations and spiders go hand in hand, just like trick-or-tricking and candy does. Skittles put two and two together and created this amusing commercial on YouTube to remind fans to be wary of huge talking spiders and to include Skittles in your treat baskets.

Make the monster happy

Oreo creates a Dr. Frankenstien-esque lab in their Halloween animations on Instagram. You won’t forget to satisfy that Halloween hunger with these monstrous creations.

Admit it. You kind of like Halloween puns

You can be sure that Tesco does on with its series of #Spookermarket videos on Twitter. Need to do some Halloween shopping? Follow the Spookermarket hashtag and get into the Halloween spirit.

So, brands, fans, and pets alike! Have some fun this Halloween Friday!