How to Provide Great Social Customer Care

Posted on November 13, 2014 / Published by / Leave your thoughts

By now, you know just how important customer service is key both offline and on. In fact, it is even that much more important since positive sentiment from friends is becoming increasingly visible online. So, you think you provide pretty good social customer care, but aren’t really sure. Well, if you can cross these 4 rules to live by off your checklist, we’d say you’re off to a great start.

√ Keep your Facebook wall open

Your Page is a great place to showcase all of your new products or communicate your brand’s message. But what if your message is not all that clear to your audience? Brands should welcome feedback from their fans, and what better place to have a one-on-one interaction than over Facebook? Customers can ask about new products and features, express their sentiment over current campaigns, share your content with your friends, or simply engage in it because they are interested. Obviously, none of this can happen on a closed wall and you could be losing visibility.

√ Respond quickly and efficiently

No one likes to be kept hanging. If you’ve got a question, you want answers… and you probably want them as quickly as you can get them. Same goes for your audience. Make sure that you are responding to each and every question with the most efficient answers that you can give them. Not only that, be sure that you are responding in a timely manner. Every question is urgent for your fans, and others must see that they can rely on you to help them if they need it.

√ Post updates to your audience

Don’t make your audience have to seek you out for answers. Stay one step ahead and post useful information over your channels. Take, for example, a concert. A certain musician has been rumored to have contract pneumonia and has been canceling shows all over the country. Be aware of what’s going on, which dates are canceled, rescheduled, where fans can get refunds and more. It’ll, first, save your customer service team a great deal of time by avoiding a bombardment of emails, and phone calls, but it will also help ticket sales and refunds to run that much more smoothly.

√ Keep your audience notified during crises

Let’s say that you’re working in the airline industry and a natural disaster, such as a snow storm, occurs in Helsinki during the holidays. Thousands of people are stranded, tired, and upset that they are missing out on spending time with their loved ones. They’re all angry, but, understandably so. Posting flight delays, new flight times, and weather updates can make all the difference. You’re customers will have complete confidence in your brand and would consider to keep using your services in the future.