How To: Essential Tips for Community Management

Posted on December 10, 2014 / Published by / Leave your thoughts

It’s nearing the end of the year and most of us take this time to start anew, make resolutions, and think about good practices for the following year. Although, you may have heard this once before, we thought it might be worth mentioning again before we raise our glasses and toast in the new year.

Play nice
We love to post this example, because it’s downright brilliant, and proves the point that a little gentleness and humor can go a long way. Let’s be honest, an upset fan may sometimes be difficult to handle, but we’ve all needed help from time to time, and being left in the cold is infuriating.

Create a clear goal for your social media and customize communication. Be prepared to provide a strategy that will build a relationship between the fans and your brand, and follow it.

Be helpful
Many people feel comfortable about taking their customer care issues to social media, and can feel quite disappointed about being ignored. Even if you don’t know the answer immediately, respond with a nice, customized message, simply to let them know that they are being cared for. Then you can quickly pass the case on to someone who can help them asap and let your fan know how to proceed. You may have to move to direct messaging or email if sensitive information is needed. And if you’ve made a mistake, simply admit it. Your fans will appreciate this.

When you are answering fan questions, do not limit yourself to curt replies. Have a bit of fun and stir up the conversation. The more interactions you get from your posts, the greater you reach will become. And when the time is right, everyone appreciates a bit of fun.

Listen up
Listen to what your audience is saying about you. And we don’t mean only on your Pages, but elsewhere. Monitor keywords and relevant hashtags about your brand, products, services and even the competition. It gives you a good overview of how your brand is perceived. This will also help you to customize your communication. If a certain age range is most receptive to your brand, remember to speak their language, see what is important to them, and keep the conversation going.