Social Media Dissected: From a Teen’s POV!

Posted on January 13, 2015 / Published by / Leave your thoughts

When creating content and compaigns over social, it is important to understand your audience, who you are targeting, what their interests are, and how to keep them engaged. With the sheer masses of teenagers on social media, it is more than likely that they are the target audience for a great many brands out there. We took a look at a Teenager’s View on Social Media (written by an actual teen) to get the inside scoop. Keep in mind, this particular teen has not research stats.

According to this teen, Facebook is dead for users in his age range. He likens it to a family dinner party that he can’t seem to escape. And he may be right… with more moms and grandmas on Facebook everyday, teens need to be on their best behaviour over this social platform.

However, he has stressed the importance of groups over News Feeds. It’s no surprise that users are getting fed up with spammy News Feeds and algorithms that simply don’t work in their favour. However, joining a group that a user is interested guarantees content only from members of that group. The shift of importance from classic Company Pages to groups is growing ever more important and you may want to consider if creating a group is right for your brand.

This platform won a little more popularity with this teenager. Though he admits that there are more teens on Facebook, according to him, there are more teens using Instagram, for a number of reasons. First off, not so many “older” people have infiltrated it yet, so it is still hip and cool. When creating images for your brand and posting onto Instagram, keep in mind the demographic that is surfing through this network. Posting outdated or safe images may not gain you the interactions that you want.

Also, these photos must be of the highest quality. Users take the time to filter photos and choose the best ones. Therefore, News Feeds aren’t flooded with hundreds of low-quality photos from last night’s parties with multiple tags of friends who actually would prefer not to see them. On top of that, users can’t add links to any of the descriptions of the photos, so there are no articles spamming the Feed.

Basically, teenagers are happier using Instagram because they are able to see exactly what they want, without any additional commercial ads from users they aren’t following. If you are on Instagram, you should be posting high-quality, provocative photos that users would enjoy seeing and interacting with, and in turn, choose to follow your brand.

According to this teen, users in his age bracket don’t really understand Twitter. He lumps users into three groups: those who tweet/complain about school, those who tweet as if their future employers will read their tweets, and those who read other tweets and occasionally retweet.

He also goes on to say that Twitter provides some sort of anonymity, since you are followed and may be following many complete strangers, but still have your name attached to your profile. If you are a brand, it might be best to fall into that first category. By all means, we are not saying to complain over Twitter, but get your message out there. Make your content interesting or amusing enough for that last category to follow your tweets and hopefully interact and retweet.