Start Your Year Off Right

Posted on January 5, 2015 / Published by / Leave your thoughts

Another year has passed and towards the end of 2014, we’ve all seen our share of social media fails, the worst tweets and how-not-to’s. Well, why not start this year off right — not by focusing on the worst case scenarios, but on all of the great successes you’ve experienced throughout the year.

Makes sense, right? Here is a simple checklist to figure out which steps were most helpful to your overall social media strategy.

1. Focus Focus Focus
This might be obvious, but nevertheless, is one of the most important. Take a look at your past campaigns to determine which ones had a clear focus and see how they resonated with your audience. It is better to have a clear focus than to dabble in this and that. By creating a solid plan, you’ll be able to better create the content that you want to share with your fans, the types of campaigns that are best for your brand and your audience will know exactly what they signed up for without any confusion.

2. Great Content
Of course, we all know that strong, provocative content will help your social media presence by leaps and bounds. But just because it is provocative does not mean that it can be fluff. Be sure that you are consistently putting out content that is valuable to your fans. Take a look at the posts from 2014 that received the most engagement.

We’ve learned long ago to learn from our mistakes. In this case, learn from your successes. Figure out why this content was so interesting to your audience and shape this year’s posts to fit the mould.

3. Make Friends
Did you take the time to reach out to influencers in 2014? If so, you might have noticed how your new friends have helped to bolster your brand’s image and spread your content. This year, try and make relationships with influencers that count. Determine which ones are best for your brand and create ongoing relationships that go two-ways. No one likes a one-sided friendship.

4. Be Present
You can put out as much great content as you like, but it will only go so far if you aren’t interacting with your audience. Last year we’ve reiterated how important it is to answer your fans questions quickly and more and more brands are providing great social customer service. Keep up the good work and keep the conversation going with your audience throughout 2015. It is a sure way to grow a bigger fan base and strengthen your relationships with your fans.